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Welcome to a crossroads for creative musicians, a meeting place for fusioneers 'in-the-know', a destination for Striving Young jazz-rockers, a Virtual Paris Cafe for the jazz-rock elite, the center of the jazz-rock Universe!

Before long we will invade your psyche and work our way deep into your subconscious. Your senses will be heightened, your reflexes quickened, your mind as nimble as a jazz-rocket scientist on a quadruple espresso. That is the Nature of the True Jazz-Rocker! Soon your daily activities will only consist of blasting loud music and drinking high-octane nerve gas. And constantly logging on to!

What have we got in store for you? More interviews, of course, but also savvy jazz-rock journalism and provocative commentary. Want to get a headache? Just check out our "Fun Links" over in the left column and checkout FUSION 101 - the premier 70s Jazz-Rock Fusion and Progressive Rock internet radio station!

All will be revealed in the Fullness of Time...


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